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Driven by our purpose of client-focused objectivity, we are not sponsored by or beholden to any investment company, insurance company, mutual fund family or brokerage house. This gives us the ability to focus without bias on the needs of our clients and maintain the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility as we design customized financial planning solutions in several areas.


Comprehensive Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan involves integrating all aspects of your financial life for the purpose of improving your financial wellbeing. This includes planning for the accumulation, use, protection and distribution of wealth. Your core values serve as the foundation for the development of a tailored financial plan. Financial goals compatible with those values are then identified and clearly defined. An assessment of your current financial situation, including a detailed analysis of your assets and liabilities is a key component of the planning process. Your financial plan will include written recommendations formulated without bias toward any specific investment or insurance company. The recommendations are very simply designed to maximize the likelihood of your achieving the goals identified earlier in the process. Finally, your financial plan will map out a detailed plan for the implementation of those recommendations.

Retirement Planning

Proper retirement planning is about more than just saving money for retirement. We’ll work with you to clearly identify and define your retirement planning goals and focus on determining the most effective methods for you to successfully meet them. Our advice may include recommendations related to one or more of the following: Traditional IRA’s, ROTH IRA’s Simple IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, Profit Sharing Plans, 401(k) Plans and 403(b) plans.


Investment Management

The landscape of available investment opportunities can be overwhelming. Many investors allow their emotions to influence their investment decisions as markets rally and fall because they lack confidence or a well-thought, disciplined strategy.  When assembling an investment portfolio, our primary objective is meeting your specific financial goals, avoiding unnecessary risk. We build your portfolio using sophisticated and prudent strategies designed to endure and rise above the uncertainty, with the goal of profiting from significant opportunities.

Estate Planning

Through proper estate planning, we intend to help ensure that your personal goals and beliefs are lived out in the present as well as after your death. Our objective is to protect your wealth and develop a strategy for its distribution that most effectively reflects the unique needs and wishes of you and your family. We will discuss and offer guidance as to what estate planning legal documents may be appropriate for your particular situation, including wills, trusts, healthcare directives and powers of attorney. We work with many local attorneys and CPAs and will work with your existing estate-planning attorney or help you find the professional to best suit your needs.


Asset & Income Protection

Insurance is one of those products that we purchase with the hope that we will never need it. Our goal is to help you protect your lifestyle utilizing only the insurance products that you really need at the best economic value. Ensuring the well-being of your family is an important but sometimes overlooked aspect of financial planning. Our analysis includes a comprehensive review of your current personal and business insurance. We specialize in the following types of insurance protection: disability income insurance, life insurance and long-term care insurance.

College Planning

How much should I set aside for education? The answer to this question depends on several characteristics unique to your situation. Planning for educational expenses is a high priority for many families. We will calculate appropriate savings strategies based on your goals, and will recommend the best savings vehicles; perhaps section 529 plan accounts, UTMAs, Education IRAs or other alternatives. Recommendations are always made in conjunction with other priorities and goals.